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Here Alone is the cover of the Summer 2017 issue of Adirondack Review. Other artwork from 35 Views of Hyperborea is also featured.


Published short fictions:

"Re-creation" is featured in the July 2017 Issue of Adelaide Literary Magazine.
"Let Me Fly Away" was published in the August 2014 issue of Silver Blade Magazine.

"The Ladies of Keldmere" appeared in the December 2010 issue of Darker, the online magazine of Dark Speculative Fiction

"The Slubburge Man" appeared in Issue 2 of The Dark Fiction Spotlight

"Church of the Hidden Children" appeared in Issue 1 of Lisette's Tale's of the Imagination.

Long Works

The Shadow Well

The Shadow Well

Composed of thirty-three narrative aspects, in words and images, The Shadow Well is a sensuous journey through blindness and regret, music and magic.

Visit The Shadow Well page at Hagengard blog to learn more.

Mock Up Cover-Nightingale's Stone

The Nightingale's Stone

Ada Ludenow recounts the summer of her 27th birthday to a supernatural being who may or may not eat her.

Visit the Nightingale's Stone page at the Hagengard blog on where and how to buy.


Small Events: In this companion work to The Nightingale’s Stone, Ada Ludenow explores the power of relationships to make and unmake us, with language itself as a fundamental binding force that we use or misuse for gain or at our own peril. What emerges is one woman’s portrait of the world as an ambivalent, often hostile place made livable by our ability to perceive the small events of beauty that overcome us in unexpected ways.


Published with Les Sardines.

Issue 1: Grendeliads
Issue 2: The Seven Dances of Cat Spritzer
Issue 3: The Painter
Issue 4: Divers Heroes

Issue 5: Carpetographies
Issue 6: Ghosts

Issue 7: Naked

Issue 8: Mirrors
SarZines Recollected: a limited edition/collection of the above issues.

And who exactly is this Ada person?

For more information please contact the author at the Information Page.
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