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Between two hills was a decrepit hall. Of what manner of architecture had gone into its spirit and flesh, I could not tell. The profuse and overgrown garden around it—the wild apple trees that climbed and fought with one another—obscured its age and look. It was as if each step changed the hall, and the lengthening shadows hinted at its great age, a history spoken in a forgotten language.

Ada Ludenow returns to the Harz Mountains of Germany where thirteen years earlier she experienced a love affair that threw her into the uncertainty of life. Hoping to find her lover from that time, she instead finds a hungry, but inquisitive supernatural being who may or may not eat her. To forestall becoming his dinner she tells him of the summer of her twenty-seventh birthday and how it opened the road to Elsewhere.

With illustrations by the author, The Nightingale's Stone is the first novel set in the world of the Hagengard, a place where reality is a plural endeavor by its inhabitants.

“Poetic and philosophical, The Nightingale’s Stone draws us into an unreal yet true place and time, where questions of being, both metaphorical and physiological, are riddled by miners, monsters and scribes. Mecklenburg’s territory—the Free and Hanseatic City of Hagen, the northern unyielding mountain mining town, Visingotha, and beyond—draws its borders across rivers of ancient fable, pushing the boundaries of contemporary magical realism, with characters that continue to speak after their tales are told and their fearsome countenances drawn.”
-Shannon Borg


The Nightingale's Stone is now available in both electronic and print on demand formats. You can also always order it through your local indie bookstore by using the ISBN: 978-0-9909783-1-2


Kindle Edition

ISBN: 978-0-9909783-0-5

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ISBN: 978-0-9909783-3-6


ISBN: 978-0-9909783-1-2


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