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David Mecklenburg was born in Sacramento, CA. At the age of 22 he moved home to Seattle, where he received his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Washington. Since then he has worked as a computer instructor, dishwasher, facilities manager, business rep, contract administrator, chef and currently as a capital project manager.
Influenced by the work of Angela Carter, Isak Dinesen and Louise Erdrich (among others) David Mecklenburg writes Modernist fabulist fiction. Illustration work has been a "rediscovered country" for him since breaking his hand in 2011. What began as a rehab activity turned into an entire body of work.
He lives and works in Seattle. (If you are at this page because you are looking for him in his Other Life at A Certain Metropolitan Goverment, please visit this page. Legal mumbo jumbo: my private website has absolutely no affiliation with King County Government. This link is provided as a courtesy for those lost in the Information Super Galaxy.)
And if you are wondering who Ada Ludenow is exactly, read this:
"One hopeful aspect of the publishing culture getting more decentralized, is that genre walls, between both form and market, are assuredly coming down. With new and traditional platforms, local writing and art scenes are also going to continue to develop into robust communities where mixed literature will naturally arise from the diverse people involved. I look forward to exploring this evolution of literature with you. Now pick up a pen, get on your tablet, or just go for a walk and write."
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