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Ada in her Breton Shirt witha  Bardot neckline

Please visit Ada's Hagengard Blog. She seems to prefer that biography.

Ada Ludenow is quite simply, my Unseen Gemini Half. Ada was born on June 6th and so shares a birthday with Thomas Mann. I followed on June 7th and I share a birthday with Louise Erdrich: a fair split. For those of you familiar with the relationship between Robertson Davies and Samuel Marchbanks, little else needs to be said. Otherwise, Ada tells me what to write and I, a lowly secretary and editor, jot it all down.

Through powers that I don't quite understand, she is able to bridge this world and hers. 17th Century Saxony is home to her, but you might also find her reciting Dylan Thomas aloud to the East Sound on Orcas Island.

It's not hard to spot her. She's about 6 feet tall and is usually carrying a copy of Wittgenstein's Philosophiche Untersuchungen. Yes. In German because that's how she rolls.


Ada has appeared in "Church of the Hidden Children," along with authoring all of the work in Les Sardines' Sar'Zine issues. Find out where you can get her memoir, The Nightingale's Stone.

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